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Tombola Competition winners

Adam Morris from MANCHESTER MET was the first out of the tombola, winning one of our D&AD Annuals. His act of Thoughtfulness was designing a set of motivational badges that take you back to the good old days of being rewarded for doing a good job with a gold, silver or smiley face sticker. Here’s… Read more »

Tombola Competition results

We’ve just drawn out the winners for Thoughtful’s Tombola Competition. We‘d like to thank everyone that entered, and to D&AD for supporting our competition. If you won, congratulations, we’ll be in touch soon to get your prize to you. If you didn’t win, better luck next time, and hey, it’s not all bad. Through all… Read more »

Pinata Challenge results

Last December Thoughtful took part in the YCN Pinata Challenge, you can see our entry HERE. Well, they’ve just announced the results of the competition, and we’ve…….. lost. But we’re not bitter, we had a good laugh trying to open the pinata, and by the look of it, so did everyone else who took part…. Read more »

Capital of Culture 2008

We were in Liverpool on Friday night, for the ‘People’s Opening’ of their CAPITAL OF CULTURE year, ( People’s meaning free). Around 30,000 people congregated on St. George’s Plateau, to join in the celebrations, which included choirs, aerial performers, new Liverpool band The Wombats, and Ringo Starr, who performed a song from his new album,… Read more »

Thoughtful’s Christmas Speech

Hello, and Merry Christmas! Well, we made it. It’s Christmas Day and exactly one year since we set up in business. And only one person managed to say ‘That’s not very Thoughtful’ – which was a stick we knew people would beat us with, given the slightest opportunity. We’re sure this post will be achingly… Read more »

Our favourite xmas card this year…

…comes from JAMES & JOE (seen here looking nice and festive). They’ve illustrated a magical winter wonderland with various people that have been a part of 2007 for the two of them, and have set it to a great soundtrack. If you look hard enough, you might just see our ugly mugs in there, too…. Read more »

Talking trash

Yesterday, we took a trip down to Mwnt beach in west Wales, to meet our friends at howies and talk about a project we’re all working on. After our beach meeting, we spent a few minutes picking up the litter which had been washed in, just a few hours before we arrived. Mwnt beach is… Read more »

Santa Run

Yesterday, Thoughtful took part in a Santa run around Salford Quays in aid of the BHF. It wasn’t a long distance to run (3km) for someone like James, who is used to doing regular 9-10 mile runs. But for someone who is just about used to running for the bus (Chris), it was a quite… Read more »

YCN Pinata Challenge

Thoughtful were recently invited to take part in the YCN’s Pinata Challenge. YCN sent out 50 pinatas designed by Anna and Lauren from JIGGERY POKERY, to various studios and individuals, and the challenge was to open the pinata in the most interesting way. For those who don’t know what a pinata is, according to Anna… Read more »

Tombola deadline extension

We’ve been asked a few times over the last week if there will be an extended deadline to our D&AD tombola competition. Well, we know it’s coming up to the end of term and you (students) are all busy finishing off your projects to get them in before Xmas, so it wouldn’t be very Thoughtful… Read more »

howies shop opening party

HOWIES invited us to the opening launch of their shop on Carnaby Street, London, yesterday. We’d seen pictures of the shop, but it’s even better in the flesh. Even though it’s small, the shop if perfectly formed with loads of nice details, including hand-drawn illustrations on the walls, a sink so customers can re-fill their… Read more »

Computer says ‘No’

Morning, we’d like to offer our apologies to any Thoughtful blog readers out there who have tried to watch one of our movie clips over the weekend, and was denied access to them. We think the problem is down to our webhost blocking them for taking up too much bandwidth (we’ve been told before). We’ll… Read more »

Computer says ‘Oh go on then’

Our movie clips are back up now, hurrah! Apparently DAN GERMAIN is a popular guy, all the views his movie generated had locked out our server as the bandwidth wasn’t large enough, our webhost told us. If you tried to view it and couldn’t, sorry, it should be fine now. One at a time please!

Competition reminder

There are 10 days left for you to get your entries in to our student Tombola competition. First prize is this year’s D&AD Annual, with two runners up prizes of a Student D&AD Membership each for one year, and a third runner up prize will be a pair of D&AD lecture tickets. We’ve had lots… Read more »

Dan Germain’s talk

Here’s the talk Dan from innocent did on Wednesday. If you’re confused about the Borat comment at the start, there was a guy sat on the table in front of Dan who was a Borat impersonator. Dan got a bit worried that he’d rush the stage.

Doug Richard

This morning we attended the second day of the BUSINESS NORTHWEST event to see Doug Richard give a talk about his career. You may remember Doug for his stint on BBC 2’s DRAGON’S DEN. He told us he had two Dragon’s Den records. One for the least number of investments made, and one for the… Read more »