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Bi Bi Biennial

Last night was the official closing party for this years Liverpool Biennial. Lewis Biggs took the opportunity to give his thanks to those that made it such a special festival – his team, TATE, FACT, Open Eye Gallery, the Bluecoat, the sponsors who make it all possible and the volunteers who give their time to… Read more »

Give us a Kiss

Thoughtful thanks to Ian Malone and Dan Walmsley.

How the Hell did that get in?

Last night James and Stuart took part in D&AD’s ‘How the Hell did that get in (the book)?’ night. Over 140 people packed into a sweaty basement room of the Slaughtered Lamb in EC1 to hear judges past and present talk about the pieces of work their jury selected. The event was just one thing… Read more »

Hit by the credit crunch

Like the great Henry Cooper (seen here flooring Cassius Clay in Wembley in 1963) who had to sell his three prize Lonsdale belts after the Lloyd’s of London crash, here’s someone else who we can all sympathise with.


This is James 10.30pm inside TATE Liverpool art directing a Mat Maitland piece for this years Liverpool Biennial. There’s lots (lots) more to follow.

D&AD judging

Stuart is down in London today and tomorrow, to take part in D&AD’S judging process. He’ll be on the jury of Graphic Design, which is a category with lots and lots and lots of entries, so he’s in for a long couple of days. We sent him off with a comfy pair of walking boots… Read more »

An interesting weekend

Last Saturday, Thoughtful were lucky enough to be invited to two events that celebrated creativity. One was THE TONY WILSON EXPERIENCE held in Manchester, and the other was Russell Davies’ INTERESTING 2008 in London. It was a shame they were held on the same day as we all wanted to go to both, but such… Read more »

Thought for the day

A year ago today, we decided to make a commitment to a company who we love. We told them that we would send them an idea or thought which we hoped would push their business on, just a little bit further. But not just one idea every so often – we decided to challenge ourselves… Read more »

Adrian Shaughnessy

Last night Thoughtful travelled up to Newcastle to listen to a talk by Adrian Shaughnessy, organised by DESIGN EVENT. Adrian’s talk was centred around the essential attributes of the modern graphic designer. The audience was largely made up of students with a few designers dotted around, and what was great about the talk was how… Read more »

D&AD and graphic design: What next?

We’ve been watching the aftermath of this year’s D&AD awards with interest over the blogosphere these past few days. There have been some interesting and controversial comments floating around which are well worth reading. Stu has voiced his own thoughts on the subject on Creative Review’s blog. You can read all the comments HERE. ‘To… Read more »

A weekend of AGMs

On Saturday, Thoughtful had two big AGMs to attend. One was for the TRIODOS BANK, and the other was for INNOCENT DRINKS. Unluckily, they were each at the same time and 120 miles apart, so it meant we had to split up. James took the Triodos AGM in Bristol, and Chris and Stu went to… Read more »

Badge of honour

We recently entered STEREOHYPE’S 4th badge competition with an idea we thought of a while back. We just missed out on making the shortlist, but we did get a little mention for our effort. We didn’t think about entering our Sett of Badgers which was silly, so we’ll see how they do next time. Click… Read more »

1 of about 23,900,000

When we first set up Thoughtful, we always liked the idea that one day, whenever the word ‘thoughtful’ was seen or heard, people would think of us before the dictionary definition. Well, we’ve a long way to go, but it seems we’re making small steps in the right direction. Google now ranks us above the… Read more »

The Bluecoat

On Saturday 15 March 2008, after a £12.5m redevelopment, THE BLUECOAT in Liverpool threw open its doors to the public for the first time since early 2005. The opening was made by the first 200 visitors, who were each handed a pair of scissors to cut a giant red ribbon, which stretched around the whole… Read more »

Nick and FRANK

Last night we attended a D&AD President’s Lecture featuring NICK BELL. He attracted an audience of over 400 people, and it was clear to see why. The work was of an exceptional quality, especially the exhibition work for the Churchill Musueum and the Sellafield Visitor’s Centre, which was very eerie indeed. He also showed us… Read more »

A guest blogger writes

A while ago, our friend Lindsay Camp told us he was no longer going to update his blog. You can read why HERE. Well, we weren’t too happy with this news, as his was one of the blogs we enjoyed reading, and it made a nice change from all the blogs that just link to… Read more »

Tone of voice

Unfortunately, one of us recently had to suffer the mighty injustice of receiving a parking ticket. This, as some of you may well know, is a bit annoying, but just to make the ‘ordeal’ slightly more irritating, the council seem to rub it in just a tad more. We’re of course referring to the wholly… Read more »

Audi poster

An idea we had for a poster, if AUDI ever came a knockin’. It’d be specifically aimed at creatives. And if we were designing envelopes, we’d have to borrow a few CITROENS.